Can I get a witness?

Last year, during the holidays, we were privileged enough to meet the creative minds behind the coolest tshirt company called Mason Jar Label .

I instantly was drawn to the name and their logo, but after I got to know the owners, their light truly shines through their work.

We’ve ordered several of these fun and catchy tshirts, but not only are they trendy, they are a great way to witness!

While wearing this shirt, “My best friend was born in a manger”, we were doing some Christmas shopping and an individual came up to me and complimented my shirt, and asked where we go to church. We were able to share our testimony and what God has done for us and how he healed our marriage-all thanks to the shirt being the ice breaker and witnessing tool.

They’ve got so many great shirts to choose from! Go check them out!

Mason Jar Label

God Bless!