I love photography!

I have never in my life taken photography classes. I recently purchased my Nikon D 3400 and I have wanted a high quality camera since I had my first child. Now, here we are about 23 years later, it’s finally happened!

I have always been the type to be driving down the road, walking on a trail, floating on the river or just living life in general, and have noticed something that I urgently desired to photograph. Capture that very moment and keep it forever. Now, I’m able!

I love photography
A storm moving into our area and I captured it with lightning and all!

The photograph above was actually captured by my iPhone 5C, and I had videoed while capturing this awesome image. So exciting!!! Thank goodness we now have the convenience of a phone we keep by our side 24/7 that has a built in camera. Yay!!

Beautiful gas flame outdoor lighting displayed in a shopping plaza located in Rosemary Beach

I’m pretty obsessed with the beach, just a little FYI about me…

Jelly fishing

If you look closely in this bucket you will see several jellyfish that my oldest son, Landon and his gorgeous girlfriend of two years, Macey, caught. We all thought they were dead as they continued washing up onto the beach, but they started moving and living as we observed them closely. They were absolutely beautiful and so intriguing to watch.

This poor little guy didn’t make it

Lukas had no fear catching these little guys. There were so many of them washing up onto the beach. So sad, but it’s a part of the life cycle, unfortunately.

Here’s Lukas, again, taking a very close look at the jellyfish
One of the many beautiful entrances to the beach at Seaside Florida. So beautiful!!

Over 15 years ago (good grief where does the time go?) Travis and I (while about four months pregnant with Lukas) with our two littles, Landon and Logan, stayed at Seaside. It was the best experience. We had the beach to ourselves, the whole week, as far as the eye could see! Now, it’s hard to see the sand because of all the chairs and umbrellas. Not that it’s a bad thing, we just prefer no crowds. (Yes, we are stingy)

Sunrise sunrise, it’s like morning in your eyes…
Famous Pickles restaurant-THE BEST fried pickles ever!!!
I absolutely love palm trees! I would have a billion in my yard if they would live!
Landon and Macey~cutest couple ever!
Love them so much!
I mean, these two~gorgeous!
Logan, and his girlfriend, Sierra are absolutely adorable!!
Look at this guy! Such a good looking young man. He’s grown up too fast… he’s the one I was pregnant with while vacationing at Seaside over 15 years ago

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little tour of photos today while looking through my lenz…

Have a blessed day!